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Language learning is not only about language learning, but also about getting to know the world and yourself. I'm Dinah, welcome to learn Chinese and open up a new world. 学习语言不只是在学习语言,更是在认识世界、认识自己。 Today's buzzword to share 今日热词分享 饭圈 celebrity fan clubs I think it's just like a Brave New World which is built by profit chains for the masses "Celebrity Fan Clubs," refers to the phenomenon that some celebrities use internet to hype up themselves and cause their fans to admire them in an irrational manner, while such abnormalities stem from a chain of interests dominated by online platforms and the capital that supports them. At present, the government is regulating the guidance. 指娱乐业粉丝组成的圈子。我认为就像利益链为大家构造的美丽新世界 一些明星为追求流量,通过互联网平台、商业炒作,误导粉丝疯狂追星模仿,导致粉丝中模糊身份认同者有之,散尽家财者有之。 在种种混乱畸形的背后,是互联网平台及其幕后资本主导的一条利益链。饭圈文化是娱乐圈过度商业化、资本化的扭曲反映。 目前,政府正在整治引导。
Nov 16, 2021 6:58 AM