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Language learning is not only about language learning, but also about getting to know the world and yourself. I'm Dinah, welcome to learn Chinese and open up a new world. 学习语言不只是在学习语言,更是在认识世界、认识自己。 Today's buzzword to share 今日热词分享 内卷 involution 指非理性内部竞争,或是“被自愿”竞争,个人努力遭受通货膨胀。有一部叫《小舍得》的电视剧 就生动的展示了这个现象。 中国年轻人面临成长压力,在高度竞争中,许多人认为成功比成长重要,同伴彼此PK,家长暗中较劲,培训班鄙视链、学区房排位赛等教育军备竞赛万众参与。家长们望子成龙,谁都不愿自己孩子输在起跑线上,于是虎妈、鸡娃,拼爹、拼妈,还得拼校外功夫。而那些吊起家长胃口的各种线上线下教育培训机构野蛮生长,又进一步加剧内卷,教育沦为产业。一些小学生的补习安排甚至比正在备考的高中生还紧,各种科目应接不暇。 家长累,孩子也累,钱包空了,亲子时光也没了。 nei juan, or "involution", a buzzword meaning irrational or involuntary competition, which makes people feel burned out.There is a TV drama called 《小舍得》to vividly show this phenomenon As an example, here was one parent's complaint "I still remember over 10 years ago, my weekends were spent rushing my kid from one training school to another, and the courses he took ranged from math to physics," After a whole day of classes, a tutor came to the family home in the evening. When the tutoring session finished, He had to help his son with his composition homework.
Nov 16, 2021 3:33 PM
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this post is a little sad, so the next post is about 双减
November 17, 2021