I know this story is little crazy and surrealist , but I just want to improve more vocabulary . I hope enjoy it !! Unfortunately, a threat is worrying the humanity. Screws are falling every day form the high atmosphere , this phenomenon was nicknamed by ordinary people as " ironraining". Afterwards this event ,some inhabits go out form their homes with the objective to gather more screws as possible . Despite of destruction and chaos caused by "ironraining" , a new economy is arising , utilizing the feedstock. Many artisans are profting with goods like rods, keys , pliers and other important tools for society. . However , these new enterprises are treating huge bussinesman that control the most foundry industry . In addition , lobbyists created a new laws, forbidding the informal trading , because of this , a significant people are immuring in crowed chains . In sum , even if mother nature donates a wealth resources for humankind , the high classes will not want share it.
Nov 21, 2021 9:11 PM