My major is agricultural machinery management, and I will work in this field for lifelong. It was not that I actively chose this profession. It was chosen by my middle school teacher. Decades ago, I was studying in middle school. At that time, if you didn't study hard to get a good grade, you would be a farmer forever because back then, if you couldn't get work which was funded by the nation, the only thing you could do was to be a farmer from a lifetime, and there was no other choice. That year, about 200 students attended the Professional Secondary School entrance examination. Only ten students were admitted. You know what? That means that those students who were admitted would be hired as civil servants by our nation after three years of studying in a professional secondary school, and they would live good lives since then. When we were asked to choose schools and majors, we didn't even know anything, so we just asked our teachers to help to do it because we were too young to know about it. After all, we were just teenagers who were at their fourteen or fifteen.
Feb 25, 2021 12:29 PM