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Advantages and disadvantages of online learning- Inline learning has been gaining popularity in recent years and more during the pandemic when most schools and classes were shut down for a year. Online classes have given more flexibility and easy access to learning by sitting in any part of the world. one needs a laptop or mobile and internet to study online. In the case of a pre-recorded lectures, it becomes more convenient for students to watch the same video multiple times, rewind and pause the video if they are not clear with the particular reading. One of the biggest disadvantages of online classes is that there are no real interactions between students and teachers like in traditional classes.No real doubt solving, less attention is being paid to students by teachers which can lead to distracting from studies by children. In today's world, we need both online and traditional classes to have a balanced approach between convenient learning from online learning and real-life interaction from traditional learning. Please rectify any mistakes in the above paragraphs and additional sentences and vocabulary are appreciated.
Sep 20, 2021 6:56 AM
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