Hi everyone! Today is saturday and the penultimate party of irregular verbs is waiting for you! buy/bought/bought I buy groceries on Sundays. I just bought some food. Have you bought anything to eat? leave/left/left She leaves home at 9 every morning. She left home at 9. I had left before she came back. keep/kept/kept I always keep secrets. I made a promise to my friend, so I kept the secret. I have kept this secret all my life. hear/heard/heard Do you hear this strange noise? Did you heard that strange noise? This is the best compliment I have ever heard. meet/met/met My friends and I meet up on Sundays. I met my school friend while walking home. Have you met Tom before? understand/understood/understood I don't understand. I understood what you mean. I guess I might have misunderstood what you said. come/came/come I come home at 6 in the evening. I came home and went straight to bed. I don't think I should have come here. Have a nice Saturday guys!
May 22, 2021 9:19 AM
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