Vjaĉeslav Ivanov
Professional Teacher
One of the coolest and cheapest ways to practice pronunciation is... voice typing on your phone. Whenever you use an application to repeat your vocabulary or to practice translations to and from your target language, use a voice keyboard of your choice instead of typing. On my phone the default Android keyboard supports both Vietnamese and Turkish, the two languages I studied this year. You will see wrong words on the screen, when you pronounce a word wrong, sometimes it takes a dozen of tries to get the result; you will soon notice what are the most problematic phonemes, word endings, etc. And don't forget the real practice: take lessons with tutors as often as you can, arrange language exchange sessions with native speakers, the real dialogues teach us the most.
May 24, 2021 10:41 AM
Vjaĉeslav Ivanov
Language Skills
Bulgarian, English, Esperanto, French, Italian, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Vietnamese
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Turkish, Vietnamese