It is midnight now and I am typing thinking about the people who have been correcting my notes, the people who like my note and the people who comment on my notes. I am so grateful and I appriciate that so much that I have to write down. Without them, my English can't be better and better this way. With them, I feel that I have friendly friends around, I don't feel lonely. With them, I know that I am loved somehow and I have more confident to be myself. I have a lot of work to do, tasks to complete and things to enjoy but one part of my life is Italki. I love you, my Italki world.
Oct 22, 2020 5:08 PM
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It is midnight now, and as I sit here typing, I am thinking about all the people who have corrected my posts, as well as all the people who have commented on them. Honestly, I am so grateful for all of their help, and so extremely appreciative of their kindness in sharing their knowledge, that I simply have to write something down about it here and now. Without everyone's being interested in my development, my English would not be improving as quickly as it has been. With them, I feel that I have numerous friends around the world, and I no longer feel alone nor lonely as I know that I am part of a community, which allows me to be more confident about myself. While I have a lot of work to do, with many tasks to complete, along other things in my life to enjoy, a growing and special part of it is Italki. I love you, all my friends in the Italki world!
Molly... go to sleep! 😂😂😂
October 23, 2020
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