Charlotte Watson
I have many places and time points I want to go.First,I wanna go back to Victoria Time and come to the centre of London—Baker street.I'll go to 221B and visit the famous detective Sherlock Holmes and his army doctor John Watson.If I'm lucky enough,I can also catch up with their exciting competition with criminals. Second,I wanna go to Germany and find Mr.Einstein.I'm such a big fan of him.If we meet, we can discuss the four-dimensional constant, Planck's law of entropy increase and macro multiuniverse theory.That must be the most fantastic thing in the world! Actually,I wanna meet all the physicist I worship if the time travel is possible.Include Plank, Newton,Maxwell and maybe Descrate. Third,I 'd like to go to ancient Rome,To experience the precipitation of history and go to the battlefield and kill the enemy happily. The most important thing is never go to the future.Because if you come to the time after you 've born,the balance of the universe will be destroyed.And I could not believe that people could have a time travel with their own body.Only when brain waves are extracted can there be the possibility of crossing time.
Feb 12, 2022 1:15 AM