Al Lee
My Most Memorable Working Experience Differing from the people who only regard long-term work as their most memorable working experience, mine was just a normal day. It was a day during the Australia trip with my cousin, we were planning to visit Palm Beach, the northernmost cape of Sydney, known for its amazing coast view. Prior to leaving, we chanced upon a website belonging to a local club, which wrote some unique activities at Palm Beach. Coincidentally, we were both attracted by the item: Picking up Seagrass off the Beach, a traditional local voluntary work. As the web said, as the beach is located alongside an inlet of a peninsula bounded by the sea on three sides, there are tons of seagrass piling on land, while the weak waves are not able to tide them away. Therefore, the local gathered to clean the beach by themselves many years ago and came up with this idea then— to appeal to visitors for cleaning the beach and present them different amounts of medals corresponding to their workloads that will discount hotel, diner and petrol fees in the town. (To Be Continued)
Feb 20, 2021 9:18 AM