A city In the picture, I can see a part of a city. I was told it was West Palm Beach, Florida, USA, so I hope it is. All I know is it is interesting. Obviously, it attracted more and more people and, eventually, run out of place. The new inhabitants didn't give up their dream of living there and they constructed new houses in the see. Every street is situated on its own peninsula, all of them are connected with bridges. The owners can enjoy not only the see, but also the many trees that are everywhere. The city looks beautiful. It connects a good, comfortable living (the houses are new) with nature. The rule lovers that enjoy American crossword-like streets wouldn't feel forgotten either: the islands follow a clear pattern. Shortly, everyone would feel pleased if he was proposed to move in there. However, I wouldn't move there in my life. I love nature and I'm terrified by the idea of living in a flat. New York is a nightmare for me. But I also like originality, not being like all the others around me. And that's why I wouldn't be happy in that place. When I look at the picture properly, I see many houses, one next to another, all the same like their neighbour. I would feel like a piece of a puzzle game, a pixel of a picture. No, thanks, that's nothing for me...
Oct 11, 2020 3:27 PM
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