Elena Nikolaeva
2. On 14-th of June in the central Tokyo district Sebya a mass demonstration of the protest against the racial segregation occurred, organized by some youth and social movements. Despite the rain, the demonstration gathered a formidable number of participants – several thousand people (according to information, more then 4000), but initially supposed to be 500 participants. Among the demonstrators were Japanese and numerous foreign students living in Japan, employees from various firms and organisations, and members of their families as well. The organisations used widely the social media for this gathering. The demonstration was lasting more than 2 hours. With posters «Black Lives Matter» and « Let’s protect civil rights of people» held above their heads, demonstrators passed along nearly 3 km from the famous crossroad Scramble close to the railway station Sebya to the crowded trade square in front of the Haradsuku station. An American student Sheila Todd (19), the one from the organisations of the demonstration said: By this action we would like to invoke people from all the world to struggle with inequality and injustice. Manifestations of them is in Japan too.
Oct 14, 2020 6:13 PM
Elena Nikolaeva
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