Elena Nikolaeva
3. Many participants of the demonstration pointed out that the «quiet» racial discrimination on grounds. Numerous carried posters «Discrimination also happens here, Japan» Among the demonstrators we met with a young nice girl Aiko Brandy. Her father is from Africa, from The Democratic Republic Congo, and her mother is Japanese. Since 2 month from the birth, Aiko lives in Japan. She has a Japanese citizen. And all the time she suffers from the racial prejudices and discrimination, turning to her like to «black». From primary school during the draw lessons her classmates pestered her by laughing because she was drawing her face unreal with chalks and they was forcing to draw it with black colour. At secondary school she was following by mockeries kind of « You are black therefore you must play basketball well» or «You are black so why do have defective eyesight?». Gradually this undermined Ayako’s self-confidence and held away from her classmates. In addition to being felt an inferiority because of her African origin, she even started to dislike her father and their relationships became bad.
Oct 14, 2020 6:15 PM
Elena Nikolaeva
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