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Roles of Oman Ministry of Health during epidemic outbreaks such as COVID-19 1. awareness people: The Ministry of Health has been distributed an awareness teams and campaigns talking about the danger of virus spread. Also, they made awareness program about COVID-19 in the broadcasting and awareness brochures and messages has been provided by the Ministry of the Health employers. COVID-19 precaution message was designed by different kinds, such as audio and video in different languages to be published. 2. providing communication services with patients: A virtual clinic has been launched by The Royal Hospital to enable the patients to communicate with doctors remotely by a phone call to get an evaluation for their condition and getting a treatment plan. 3. Preparing hospitals to receive patients Prepare all departments and hallways of the hospital to receive the cases of COVID-19 and taking care of all patients and health personnel. In addition, apply the regulation of World Health Organization for COVID-19 patients. Also the hospitals contain the all sections for the Treatment of COVID-19 patients for example intensive care and laboratories. 4. Formed medical professional teams Formed several medical professional teams with international protocols which including a specialized team of nurses to develop and divide the hospital's medical assistance staff in accordance. In addition, an infection controls team in cooperation with Al Nahdha Hospital and The Directorate General of Private Health Establishments. 5. The provision of medical supplies: The Ministry of Health Divided the work into administrative and professional medical, financial and marketing teams and contributed to the provision of some medical provision and devices along with providing diagnosis and treatment devices for the patient. Roles of World Health Organization in Oman towards controlling and combining COVID-19 presently:
Oct 17, 2020 6:55 PM
Khamis 123
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