I am a professional tennis coach, besides tennis I love to play other sports as well, such as football, basketball, cricket skateboarding, etc.. Skateboarding is one of my favorite sports, unfortunately,I am not good at it ,still I am trying my best to improve my skills,in order to take my game to the next level. I started skateboarding, when i moved to China. I work and live in Beijing. My work place is very close to the one world famous athletic stadium (Bird Nest). After finishing my work I used to go there to take a walk, I would see many teenagers and collage students, they play skateboarding. I got attracted towards them, and it became routine of my life to go there and watch them . Finally I decided to buy a skateboard and give it a try to this sport. At the beginning, it seemed that,it is very risky and difficult sport, because it requires great balance. I did not stop to going there, one day a girl came to me, and showed her interest to teach me skateboarding. She taught me some basics of this sport. After that I kept practicing, and I could be able to stand on the board and ride it. It has brought many good friends into my life already. Now I have many good friends, who are good at skateboarding. It has become an integral part of life. My loneliness has been cured. I am enjoying my life a lot in China, and I hope I will be enjoying more in the future.
Jun 4, 2021 7:06 AM
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