请问有人知道以下的中文名称吗? tenderloin Prime Striploin Prime Ribeye Lip on CAB Striploin CAB Ribeye Lip on CAB Prime Shortrib B/Less CAB Shortrib B/In Choice Tenderloin PSMO Choice Shortrib B/Less Choice Chuck Shortrib B/Less Choice Shortrib B/In KOBE Rib eye Classic Lip On B/L KOBE Striploin Classic B/L KOBE Tenderloin Classic B/L US BEEF "HARRIS" BRAND FRZ US EHRA TENDERLOIN 189A 4PC 3D CH FRZ US E TENDERLOIN FRZ US EHRA STRIPLOIN OX1X1/4 2PC CH FRZ US E STRIPLOIN OX1X1/4 BR 2PC CH FRZ US EHRA RIBEYE LIP ON 2PC 3D CH FRZ US E RIBEYE LIP ON 2PC CH FRZ US EHRA BONELESS CHX SR 16PC 3D FRZ US E BONELESS CHUCK SHORT RIB 16PC CH FRZ US EHRA BONELESS SHORT RIB 12PC 3D CH FRZ E BONELESS SHORT RIB 12 PC CH FRZ US HRA SHORT RIB 3B 3D CH FRZ US EX SHORT RIB 3BONE K RA CH A.5, Australia Tenderloin S 4/5 lb Tenderloin S 4/5 LB Tenderloin A 4/5 Lb Tenderloin A 4/5 Lb Striploin S 7 lb up Striploin S 7 LB up Striploin A 7 lb up Striploin A7 lb up Ribeye Cube Roll S 5/7 lb Ribeye Cube Roll S 5/7 lb Ribeye Cube Roll A 5/7 lb Ribeye Cube Roll A 5/7 lb OP Ribs S Chilled OP Ribs A(**) INVENTORY CHICKEN SG/CHIPOLATA BEEF COCTAIL/CIPOLAT BACON SLICE HAM(COOK HAM) CHICKEN BLOCK/ROLL AUSTRALIA LAMB LEG AUST.RIB EYE AUST. LAMB RACK SALAD OIL LILY LEAVES THYME CARRAWAY SEED ROSEMARY LEAVES LEAVES OREGANO LEAVES BAY
Apr 28, 2011 2:55 AM
Answers · 2
google knows
April 29, 2011
都是食物呃 什么牛柳、带骨西冷、牛肉眼扒、牛外脊差不多的一些东西
April 29, 2011
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