Have been / had been / was ? I have been to Vietnam las year. I had been to Vietnam las year. I was in Vietnam las year. I went to Vietnam las year. Which is correct? Which is the best? Thanks)*last yearIn the meaning that I visited it for a few weeks.
Apr 28, 2011 11:11 AM
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I was in Vietnam last year. I went to Vietnam last year. With "last year", you MUST use the past tense. Use "have been" with UNFINISHED TIME-FRAMES. Last year = FINISHED time frame, therefor past tense. This year = UNFINISHED time frame, therefor present perfect: Example: I haven't been to Vietnam this year. Note** Your lifetime = UNFINISHED time frame, thus: I have never been to Vietnam. I've been to Thailand and Cambodia, but I haven't been to Vietnam. I hope that is clear.
April 28, 2011
I went to Vietnam last year. I was in Vietnam last year. I visited Vietnam last year. I added an extra one as well. All three are correct, perhaps 'I visited Vietnam last year' is the best, it helps describe what you were doing there.
April 28, 2011
"I was in Vietnam last year." or "I went to Vietnam last year." When you indicate a past time for the event as well as a completed action, use simple past. "I have been to Vietnam last year" is incorrect. Present perfect is when a past event impacts on the present. Adding a past time works against this. "I had been to Vietnam last year." requires another past even to come after it. Even then, I'm very doubtful about simply giving a specific time (last year) with this past perfect tense.
April 28, 2011
можно написать по-русски и не париться)я был во Вьетнаме)
April 28, 2011
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