How/when do you use ~こと.For example, すること、食べること、見ること。Im not really sure of the exact way of using it?
May 1, 2011 12:36 PM
Answers · 3
こと is nominalization and so far to me (a student), the most important thing to learn in Japanese. It's how you take verbs or incomplete phrases and make them nouns. 食べること は よい です。 Eating is good In the above example, 食べる was turned into the subject thanks to こと. With this you can make more complex thoughts. 映画を見ます- watch a movie 彼女 は 映画を見ること を ほしいです - She wants to watch a movie Here, こと made a "sentence" into an object. I hope this helps.
May 1, 2011
名詞として使いたいとき。 correct  食べることは大切だ。 mistake 食べるは大切だ。
May 7, 2011
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