Is normal when manufacturers add palm oil to the tinned condensed milk? I've tried one today. It feels like it remains became firm in my throat. Awful. Sorry for revealing that, P.S. Dear friends, do you know how to correct typing mistakes found after posting a question?
May 1, 2011 3:54 PM
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Hi, it depend where the milk comes from, whether it contains palm oil or not. No wonder you felt an aftertaste. "In the United States: According to the United States Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21, Chapter 1, Part 131, Sub part B, Section 130 "Evaporated milk", (April 2006) (21CFR131.130): (a) Description. Evaporated milk is the liquid food obtained by partial removal of water only from milk. It contains not less than 6.5 percent by weight of milk fat, not less than 16.5 percent by weight of milk solids not fat, and not less than 23 percent by weight of total milk solids. Evaporated milk contains added vitamin D as prescribed by paragraph (b) of this section. It is homogenized. It is sealed in a container and so processed by heat, either before or after sealing, as to prevent spoilage. ... Sections (b) - (f) of the above code regulate vitamin addition, optional ingredients, methods of analysis, nomenclature, and label declaration. In Malaysia, due to price controls, evaporated (and condensed) milk contains palm oil. It is one of the ingredients to make Teh Tarik in Malaysia and Singapore. Also it is added in brewed tea and coffee to make Teh See and Kopi C respectively. [ Wikipedia] The only way you can correct a question that you have posted is to click onto additional details and write a further explanation.
May 1, 2011
Sounds dodgy. Was it a cheap can? About correcting after you had posted a question, I really don't know. I'm not sure if it's possible. However, if you mention a particular past time in a sentence, use past simple, not present perfect: "I tried one today".
May 1, 2011
One more plain copy/paste from Wikipedia: В советское время ГОСТы допускали наличие в составе сгущенного молока только молочных жиров. В настоящее время широко применяются растительные, в частности, пальмовое масло, соевые продукты и др. компоненты. Это ухудшает вкусовые и питательные качества изделия, также снижая и его стоимость. Такой продукт выпускают не по ГОСТу, а по различным техническим условиям (ТУ), что обычно отражается на этикетке.
May 1, 2011
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