verb form dekh-ave? Can anyone tell me what the verb-form "dekh-ave" (derived from dekhna???) means? It's in a poem i'm trying to translate and I just can't find it in any of my grammars. I stumbled over the form quite often already in songs but never gave much thought to what it actually means. It would be great if anyone could help me out here!@Anant: Well it's a little tricky because the poem i translate comes from a 16th century southern dialect of Hindi and i'm not sure if i'll be able to make much sense of it anyways there's also some urdu words mixed in there :( But anyways, these are the lines (don't mind the strange signs, it's the transliteration my prof makes me use): dhekhāveṉ arat hat nayan sūṉ to kariʼe falak khol khiṛkiyāṉ malak lak naẓāre But i've seen the word in other contexts too. There's a movie from 1914 with the title "Nasik Trimbak Yethil Dekhave". Then there's a song called "Dekhave Laltain Baar Ke" from an album called "Fagun Mein Faate Choli". Could it be, that this is some dialectal form anyways? Or is it Punjabi? I'm totally confused.
May 1, 2011 8:05 PM
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It is not pure hindi but a dialect of it. The word "dekh-ave" is spoken mostly in "bhojpuri" dialect. Its hindi counterpart is " Dikhā'ē " (दिखाए). Both these words mean "to show". for example : "Dekhave(show) Laltain (lantern) Baar(to light) Ke" means "shows by lighting lantern"
May 2, 2011
I can tell you about "Nasik Trimbak Yethil Dekhave". Here Nasik is a city near Mumbai in Maharashtra state. Tryambakeshvar (Trimbak in short as locally used ) is a prominent holy place of Lord Shiv. Dekhaave is plural for Dekhaavaa which is a Marathi word for ' beautiful scene' , Natural view etc. About the lines of poem I am not able to understand the first line properly but from the second line the meaning seams Keep your eyes open in the night, Open the windows, see towards the sky, God Almighty has arranged hundred thousands of beautiful scenes of stars.
February 20, 2013
its word from punjabi dehk ave
May 3, 2011
Hi...Although is is not cleared what exactly the word dekh-ave but as far as Dekhna Is concerned , it means TO SEE ( or seeing ) . if u tell me full line of that poem then i can help u , bcoz only then i can come to know that it is Dekh-ave or what . So let me ke know which poem it is. It would also be good to Exchange poetry as I am learning English and i Also write poetry in Hindi Anant
May 1, 2011
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