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Would someone please explain to me the ( if ) rule please ? To be more specific, for example: what do i say: if i (went) (go) to school,I (will) (would)...? and does the time tenses or the reality make any differences? I'm a little confused here. I appreciate your help ^^
May 2, 2011 10:48 AM
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Zero conditional: if+present simple, present simple; it is used with scientific facts if you freeze water, it turns into ice. First conditional : if + present simple, will+infinitive; it is used with probable things in the future. if it rains tomorrow, i'll stay at home. Second conditional: if+past simple/could+infinitive, would/'d +infinitive; it is used with advice: if i were you, i'd study hard. improbable things now or in the near future: if i had money, i would buy a car if i could have money , i'd buy a car. imaginary situations: if i were a bird , i'd like to be an eagle. Third conditional: if +past perfect, would/could/might have+past participle it is used with impossible situations: if i had studied hard, i'd have passed the test. if i hadn't got up late, i would have caught the bus. imaginary situations in the past: if i had been an ancient queen in egypt, i might have built a pyramid.
May 2, 2011
Golly, these are the conditional tenses and can be confusing. 1 if I go... I will... talks about a possible future. 2 if I went... I would... talks about the present 3 if I had gone...I would have... talks about the past I think this is right, but...
May 2, 2011
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