if I want to add some content into a atricle (i think the ) if I want to add some content into a atricle (i think the the article missed something or i want the article include more content ), how to express my means in english?
May 3, 2011 11:21 AM
Answers · 2
Your article should include a headline, introduction, body, conclusion and resource box. Headline - make this as catchy as possible because your reader will read this first then decide if he or she will continue reading the rest of the article. i.e. " 10 Highly Effective Ways to Protect our Environment". Introduction - introduce the problem you will be discussing in your article or write a short story of your experience with the problem. Body - discuss all the solutions to the problem you outlined in the introduction. Break up each point into separate paragraphs and keep them to about 5 lines. You may want to create a sub-heading for each point. This makes it easier to read as most people will scan your article when reading it online. Conclusion - this should include a brief summary of your article and a call for the reader to take action. i.e. "Be sure to include article marketing as one of the top strategies for promoting your web site. It's a self generating marketing machine that produces a constant flow of visitors". Resources - Include this section if you haven't included it already within the body of the article. You want the reader to quickly access the resources without having to re-read the article.
May 3, 2011
It depends if you are commenting on an article you have written yourself, read somewhere or commenting directly to the author of the article. To the author you can say. a) 'I think it would have been better/ more interesting to include something/ some information about......' (if it's too late to change the article) or 'It would be better/ more interesting to also include something/ some information about.....' (if it's still possible to change the article) On an article you read somewhere. 'I think it would have been better/more interesting, if the writer had included something/ some information about......' If you wrote the article yourself you can say 'I think it would have been better/more interesting, if I had included something/some information about...'
May 3, 2011
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