Please help to understand: if there's as good a shot as any, it's your call. Please help to understand this: "if there's as good a shot as any, it's your call." Does this sentense mean: "if there is something very bad, it is because you asked for it."? Could anybody translate it into chinese?
May 3, 2011 2:35 PM
Answers · 3
to have a shot at something = to have a very good chance of achieving something You don't have a shot with that guy. He's far too good for you. Do you think I have a shot with that girl? I wonder if there's a good shot with that hot lady there. The point is, if you have a shot, then it's your call. It's your call = up to you to do something, in this case go up and talk to the girl/guy At least that is how I imagine the context here.
May 3, 2011
如果真的有机会的话;由你选择吧 Basically, it means that it's up to you to try doing something, if you think it has any chance of working.
May 3, 2011
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