I have to give a speech in front of class--this will be marked. Any topics, about 2-3mins,any advice? Thanks!
May 4, 2011 1:06 PM
Answers · 2
my advice is for you to choose a topic that you know by heart. it may be your favorite sport, a book that you love reading, your pet at home... something that you do not need to study about anymore. when you talk about something that you already know, you won't find it hard to express yourself. more so, you'll be comfortable talking about it, you wouldn't even notice the time. GOOD LUCK!
May 4, 2011
Choose something that you like and you feel confident talking about. Examples: My family/ hobby/favourite novel/film/TV series. This italki site will help you http://www.italki.com/knowledge/page/ENGLISH%20ORAL%20PRESENTATIONS1.htm
May 4, 2011
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