Two long sentences! 1. I, wrapt from him in a confused mist of time, was wondering what he could think, could he know that at this actual moment he would have been dead for thirty years, and that his memory would be thus preserved and honered in the beloved school, where his delicate spirit had been so strangely troubled. Q: What does "wrapt from him in a confused mist of time" mean? I looked up the word "wrapt" in the dictionary but counld not find it, what does "wrapt" mean? 2. Multitudes of bees used to bury themselves in the yellow blossoms of the summer squashes. This, too, was a deep satisfaction; although, when they had laden themselves with sweets, they flew away to some unknown hive, which could give back nothing in requital of what my garden had contributed. Q: What does "which" here refer to?
May 5, 2011 3:43 AM
Answers · 4
Zatana, wrapt = wrapped wrap = to surround or envelope; to hide or obscure as if by enveloping I, wrapt from him in a confused mist of time = I, obscured from him in a confused mist of time The speaker is remembering someone he knew 30 years ago. The confused mist of time is the effect of those thirty years on his memories. This confused mist obscures the actual memory. obscure = make unclear; to hide 'Which' is a relative pronoun referring to the antecedent 'hive'.
May 5, 2011
Then 'wrapt' is the archaic version of 'wrapped' the past tense of 'wrap'. Seems like an old text. " I ,wrapt from him in a confused mist of time....." It probably means the speaker finished working on a script or any material about this man, who died 30 years ago. I ,having finished my work on him and being lost between the past * and the present** ( mist of time), *the past representing the story of this guy 30 years ago and ** the present of pondering upon him at the very moment.
May 5, 2011 "Wrapt" has two meanings. Anyway, who is "he", and what is the story? "Which" refers to the hive.
May 5, 2011
1. Are you sure it is 'wrapt'?? Check pls 2. 'which' refers to the 'hive'
May 5, 2011
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