私の答えは正しいてすか。 今、私は期末試験を勉強してます。 これが正しいかどうか自信がない. ながらの文法を勉強しています。 このセンテンスは正しいてすか。 1. 小川さんは話しながら礼物をつつみます。 I wrap a gift while I talk to Mr.ogawa. The gift wrapping is the main action. アルバイをしながら大学に行きます。 I go to the university while I have a part time job. to go to the university is the main action. 音楽を聞きながらEめメールを書きます。 I write an email while I listen to music. to write an email ois the main action. やさいをいためながら牛肉を温めます。 いためるーいためながら I heat up beef while I stir fry vegetables. to heat up beef is the main action. 橋をわたながら英語のクラスを考えます。 I think about class while I cross the bridge. I think about class is the main action. テレビを見ながら電話に話します。 I talk on the phone while I watch TV. to talk on the phone is the main action. The secondary action should go first in Japanese, while the main action is last? I translated my sentences the best I could, because I wanted stick to a direct translation. I did this because when translating nagara from Japanese to English I tend to mess it up.
May 5, 2011 4:10 PM
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Catlin-san, you should put the same texts written in Japanese directly to the section "Notebook" of this site. It would be comfortable to correct texts for mistakes. The section "Answers" is only for questions.
May 5, 2011
Are you really from the States? Your English sentences don't make any sense.
May 5, 2011
ながら = whilst, designates the adverb which modified the verb. I guess when you say "main action", that would be the main verb at the end of the sentence. But that is just a guess. You simply have to figure out the "whilst" part. E.g. Is it: 1. I work part time whilst at university. (I don't know how to write this one using ながら) or 2. I study whilst working part time. アルバイをしながら大学に行きます。 I don't know what's on your test paper, but you need to do the rest by yourself, otherwise you won't get through the test.
May 5, 2011
>テレビを見ながら電話に話します。 I talk on the phone while I watch TV. to talk on the phone is the main action. -- The correct sentence structure is "テレビを見ながら電話で話ます”. -- It is not like talking to the phone(電話に), but more like talking on the phone(電話で).
May 6, 2011
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