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word question 1 what the difference between the two words of group hang and dangel swing and sway jump and leap intolerable and intolerant summary and summation 2 I find myself thinking of when I held her in the cradle of my arm , in the chair alongside my wife's hospital bed, One day old. So small, so beautiful, so perfect, so totally reliant on her new, untested parents. Q: how to understand here "one day old"? 3 All manner of thoughts went through my mind as I examined her every feature for what seemed to be an eternity. Q: how to understand this sentence and expecially the "as I examined....." 4 I have so much to say, but no words with which to say it. Q: how to understand "no words with which to say it" is it the meaning same with "no words to say"? 5 I'm afraid I'll say something too small for what I'm feeling. Q:how to understand "too small for" and what does the sentence mean? 6 As I walk to the car with my wife at my side, my eyes are wet, my heart is sore, and I realize that my life is changing forever. Q:how to understand "at my side", it means the car is near to me? if the car near me, why they walk to the car? 7 With Williams begins the history of religious roleration in America, and with him, too, the history of the separation of church and state. In him we have a balance to John Cotton. Q how to understand "In him we have a balance to John Cotton." is it the phrase of "be/hang in the balance"? 8 William Bradford and John Winthrop were men superior to even the remarkable qualities that distinguished many of their associates. Q what does the sentence mean?
May 7, 2011 5:28 AM
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1. hang and danGLE: Both have the same meaning,something hanging or swinging without anything stopping it. Swing and sway: Both mean the same, moving rythmically to and fro, like a hanging object does. Jump and leap: They are almost the same, 'leap' being rather a sudden action and quicker than a jump. Intolerable and intolerant: Intolerable is something that can't be tolerated, because it is extremely annoying or irritating. Intolerant is someone lacking respect of the practices or beliefs other than one's own. Summary and Summation: Summary refers to a brief account giving the main points of something. Summation is the act or process of determining a sum; addition or the result of such an act,it could also mean 'summary'.
May 7, 2011
1. Look in a dictionary! 2. One day old = the age of the baby 3. .....,as.... = parallel actions; doing two things at the same time 4. = she doesn't have the words to express what she wants to say. 4. too small = not big enough. ( the meaning is obvious) 6. His wife is at his side. 7. No idea. You have to know John Cotton to understand that. 8. The sentence means what it says. Summary. This post is far too long. Try breaking it down into about 8 posts next time. Secondly, you pull too many sentences out of context.
May 7, 2011
2. The baby is one day old. 3. look at her features carefullly and examining them in details. 4.The person can't find the appropriate words to express him/herself. 5. She is afraid of using words that will not reflect her real feelings,words that will undermine the strength of her feelings. 6.His wife is near him,at his side 7.In him we have a continued existence of John Cotton, ( both advocating the separation of church and state and holding many similar views). 8. Their qualities were superior to their associates' best, remarkable qualities.
May 7, 2011
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