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are "v" and "di" used? Are the letters ''v'' and ''di'' used in japanese? how do I write 'Diddi' (my rabbit's name) in japanese? V-> ヴぁ/ヴぃ/ヴ/ヴぇ/ヴぉ and I know the artist Valshe/バルシュ but here 'b' is used or 'v'.. is it like that? please give (word) examples! Thanks,
May 9, 2011 9:16 AM
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There were no pronounciation of [V] and [Di] before Meiji era I heard. Meiji government finished Isolationism and then a lot of words have been coming to Japan from overseas countries. So words of foreign origin sometimes can be spelled in 2 ways. 例)violin →ヴァイオリン、バイオリン By the way,my grandmother isn't able to say "ディ" so she calls Disney デズニー. You can choose the spell of your Diddy in Japanese. Which sounds is similar to Diddy do you think,デディ or ディディ or ディッディ? Hope this help you.
May 14, 2011
V is often written "バ・ビ・ブ・ベ・ボ" Victoria ヴィクトリア  ビクトリア both of them are OK. Diddi   ディディ   or ディッディ   I don't understand Diddi sounds .
May 9, 2011
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