HELP~! HELP~~!~!translate。Many thanks~! There are two sentences , please help me to translate them into chinese.Thanks very much. 1、If a country can demonstrate that an area of its country is, and is likely to remain,disease or pest-free than importing countries should not place restrictions on goods from this area。 2、They define technical barriers as "internationally divergent regulations and standards governing the sale of products in national makets which have as their prima facie objective the correction of market in efficiencies stemming from externalities associated with the production,distribution,and consumption of these products."
May 11, 2011 6:47 AM
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有两句话,请帮我翻译成chinese.Thanks他们很担心。 1,如果一个国家可以证明,一个国家,其面积,并有可能继续,疾病或无虫害比进口国不应从该地区对商品的限制。2,他们定义为“国际发散法规的技术壁垒和标准的,香港作为他们的初步目标已经从对市场的生产,分配和消费这些产品相关的外部产生的效率校正国家makets产品的销售。“
May 11, 2011
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