What tense must I use in Norwegian after "Håpper at..."? i.e:"I hope there's more of us soon" or... "I hope you get the job!" or "I hope you do well in your exams!" Tusen takk!:)
May 12, 2011 5:09 AM
Answers · 2
You can use it with pretty much any tense I think : Jeg håper å finne meningen med livet (Infinitiv) I hope to find the meaning of life Jeg håper (at) du liker maten (Presens) I hope you are enjoying the food Jeg håper (at) du likte maten (Preteritum) I hope you enjoyed the food Jeg håper (at) du har hatt det fint i New York (Perfektum) I hope you had a nice time in New York
May 14, 2011
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