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Becky Schlecki
What is the exact meaning of penalty fare? I found it in a book I read, there was a sign at the station that said something about penalty fare.Does it have the same meaning as "fine", so in this situation if you take the train without buying a ticket you have to pay a fine? And what are savoury pastries??Something to eat made with salt??
1 apr 2008 14:00
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Hello Becc's You are correct in your understanding of penalty fare. It would be a punitive fare which you would pay if you are caught without a ticket. Generally these fares are in place to stop people from travelling unlawfully. On the second point, a savoury pancake can be something cooked with salt, spices and has a tangy, pungent aroma and aftertaste. The opposite of savoury would be sweet. An example would be pancakes which have either a savoury or sweet filling.
1 aprile 2008
Becky Schlecki
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