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i want to improve my reading i can read it faster?
Dec 22, 2007 2:03 PM
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When you read something in English, do you translate it into Mandarin in your head so you can understand it? If you do, try rushing through the English reading. You are more likely to skip the mental translation step. However, words that you don't know from the text might make you feel like your understanding is a bit blurry. If you keep seeing the same word and you can't figure it out in the context of the reading, then look it up. Otherwise, if you don't know one word and it is not affecting your understanding of the text as a whole, don't worry about looking it up. Try these suggestions. They will probably make you read a little bit faster.
December 22, 2007
I totally agree with Bree. Just read as many texts as possible and only look up vital words. You can guess some of the words because of the context as well. Anyway, you'll learn more and more words when you read texts and slowly but surely it'll grow onto you and you won't have to use a dictionary anymore. 祝你好运。
December 22, 2007
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