What does '千依百顺' mean? '千依百顺' 是什么意思? '千依百顺' 是什么意思? English meaning [英语意思] is preferred..but a answer in Mandarin is okay too. 但是中文的回答也可以。 Thank you! 谢谢
May 14, 2011 12:07 PM
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千依百顺 千, 百, 表示大量, 引申为完全, 依,顺 , 表示依从, 顺从 合起来就是whatever you said, i will follow it .
May 14, 2011
Other common phrases made up of “百","千","万": 千方百计、千疮百孔、千姿百态、千娇百媚、千锤百炼、千奇百怪、千回百转 千变万化、千丝万缕、千秋万代、千军万马、千辛万苦、千山万水、千差万别、千言万语
May 18, 2011
In my opinion,"千依百顺' is used between famliy members most of the time.You can say "丈夫对妻子千依百顺",means the husband does everything that his wife ask him to do.and you can say "母亲对女儿千依百顺",means the mother would like to do everything that her daughter ask her to do ,or the mother would like to give anything that her daughter want
May 14, 2011
千依百順- long story in short: it can be intelligible as " absulutely obey to s.o" i hope it helps !
May 14, 2011
do everything that other people said
May 14, 2011
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