check this for me pls.... it's super long "i sent this to my friend b4 this .... and i just want to know where is wrong .... " i knew about DBsk from my friend ..... at the end of year 2006 , at that time i'm form 3 , my friend show me DBsk pic at my school, wooow that's my 1st time saw korean group , but i'm not really attracted with the other 4 member .......only jaejoong huuh he's so handsome n his face a little bit like a girl , waaaa i already like him .... but not really into him n DBSk laa , cause i don't really know them at time ...... n then my friend said i can bring that pic , so i bring that pic with me n show to my sisters ..... they all give a positive comment hahahah ..... so that was on 2006 , not really like them b'coz only pic ..... i don't know their song n then, early of 2007 my friend said 2 me that her cousins sell rain burn disc [at that time me n my sisters like rain songs, not knowing any k-pop group] , so i tell my sister , cause i don't have money .. my sister want 2 buy n then suddenly my friend cousins say that disc can not burn b'coz rain disc have a problem, so my friend said why not dbsk disc , so i told my sister , ok my sister said.....[hahhaha is this a story or what, siap ada dialog] it's only rm 4.50 / 5.00 - 15 songs hehehhehe cetak rompak ......her cousins download from internet ..... at that time my home doesn't have internet , but now huuuuh i can find any tvxq song ... love it ♥♥ ♥ so then , after school time , i go back to my home i open that disc , huuuh .....the 1st mv that i watched is hug ,waaaaa jaejoong aaaaaaaah wow b4 this i just saw him in a pic n now i watch him in a video .... aigooo he's really make my heart melting .... can't say anything ... jaejoong have a pretty face but handsome i really like some1 like that , n the other dbsk member wow also awesome in hug ...... , for me that's the 1st group that i have know that all the member have a good looking , really , if u look at the other group maybe 1 or 2 member not have a good looking , but tvxq ...... u know what i mean hehehehe , i still remember d date , monday 22 jan 07 .... from that time i'm officially cassiopeia fans until now , never change huhuhuhu ......AKTF .....!! ! ....... started from that day ,after back from school until night dbsk songs always playing in my home everyday never miss until 4 month b'coz the song is always the same so of course a little bit bored but still love their song ... really crazy about dbsk ...... so that's my first k-pop group , i like all of their old songs in that disc ..... from there i also know suju from "show me ur love" mv ..... suju is my 2nd group now ...... really thanks to my friend b'coz of her i know tvxq .... n to my sister b'coz that's money is her ....even it just RM 4.50/ 5.00 ........ hahahahah sorry it's too long ...... n my english i'm sure there's a lot of mistake........ huhuhuhuhu ...... n how about u chingoo when u started know DBSk n from where u know them...... ?? ?
May 18, 2011 12:23 AM
Answers · 2
Hi, can you post this up in Notebook at the top of this page? It will be easier to correct there, ok?
May 21, 2011
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