Are people superstitious in your country? This year, July has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays! Do people in your country attach any significance to events such as this?
May 19, 2011 1:12 AM
Answers · 13
some of my country people like fig "9".They think this is the lucky number. NYO"
May 20, 2011
A large number of people in India believe in superstitions. just hope for every person I've ever met are superstitious in some way. I'm not superstitious. For me, Superstition is basically belief which has no rational basis or empirical evidence to support it. Believing in a god is a superstition. :)
May 19, 2011
well.I want to say yesterday is May 20th = 520 In my country,we use Mandarin to read 520. we can read “wo ai ni”the mean is "I love you" :D. by the way. May 18th =518 we can read "wo yao fa"=I will be rich.
May 21, 2011
Yes, they are.Some of them have superstitious about black cat (''means bad luck''), avoid to pass under wooden downstairs and so on.
May 19, 2011
it's quite common in china.especially in the countryside.they beleive in those gost things.even some coincidences they would assume it's paranormal and would be scared
May 27, 2011
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