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Do you agree with this?: "...we learn language largely passively." "I always found passive learning enjoyable. I just listen, read, review and observe. As long as I am exposed to the language, I am learning passively and it does not matter when I start to use the language. In fact I study what I want, on my own schedule. I do not need to start anywhere or finish anywhere. I can have several books or audio books going at the same time. ... Learning a language does require effort. But it is the effort of the learner pushing on a slightly open door, pursuing things of interest. It is the pleasant effort of passive learning. " excerpts from Steve Kaufmann
Apr 2, 2008 4:22 AM
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I think if we learn language in order to have an exam or go aboard ,we learned passively.But if we learn it only for fun,we always enjoy the process of learnning.We could talk to each other about the interesting things.learned language happily
April 10, 2008
it's one way most people learn a language
April 3, 2008
in our studen's time ,we all like this.but when we working,everybody become active.
April 2, 2008
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