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word questions there is some questions to this following article first of all, thank you for you patience to the article and my question It was Christmas1961. I was teaching in a small town in Ohio where my twenty-seventhird graders eagerly anticipated the great day of gifts giving. A tree coveredwith tinsel and gaudy paper chains graced one corner. In another resteda manger scene produced from cardboard and poster paints by chubby, andsometimes grubby, hands. Someone had brought a doll and placed it onthe straw in the cardboard box that served as the manger. It didn'tmatter that you could pull a string and hear the blue-eyed,golden-haired dolly say, "My name is Susie." "But Jesus was a boybaby!" one of the boys proclaimed. Nonetheless, Susie stayed. Q 1what is tinsel, it is just for Christmas or it can be used anywhere and anytime? Q 2 here the paper chains, it is a chain made from paper? Q3 rested here is placed? Q4 produced from here is made from? Q5 it didn't matter here is destory? Q6 why in Christmas, the children made a manger and put a doll there should be Jesus the susie doll is wrong, am I right? this is a tradition? it the behavior still has in now Christmas? Each day thechildren produced some new wonder -- strings of popcorn, hand-madetrinkets, and German bells made from wallpaper samples, which we hungfrom the ceiling. Through it all she remained aloof, watching fromafar, seemingly miles away. I wondered what would happen to this quietchild, once so happy, now so suddenly withdrawn. I hoped thefestivities would appeal to her. But nothing did. We made cards andgifts for mothers and dads, for sisters and brothers, for grandparents,and for each other. Q 7 what is German bells, are they special and we must put the German bells in Christmas? Q8 how to understand here German bells made from wallpaper samples? why samples? Q9 vied with one another to bring in the prettiest ones, how to understand here bring or here bring in is a phrase? Q10 what is popular fried marbles and what will happen inside when put them in a hot frying pan? At home the students made the popular fried marblesand vied with one another to bring in the prettiest ones. " You putthem in a hot frying pan, Teacher. And you let them get real hot, andthen you watch what happens inside. But you don't fry them too long orthey break." So, as my gift to them, I made each of my students alittle pouch for carrying their fried marbles. And I knew they had eachmade something for me: bookmarks carefully cut, colored, and sometimespasted together; cards and special drawings; liquid embroidery doilies,hand-fringed, of course. Q11 hand-fringed here the word is right? I think there shoud be fringe-handed fringe is made by hand The day of gift-giving finally came. We oohed and aahed over our handiwork as thepresents were exchanged. Through it all, she sat quietly watching. Ihad made a special pouch for her, red and green with white lace. Iwanted very much to see her smile. She opened the package so slowly andcarefully. I waited but she turned away. I had not penetrated the wallof isolation she had built around herself. Q12 ooh and aah over is a phrase? why here is a over? After school the children left in little groups, chattering about the great day yet to come when long-hoped-for two-wheelers and bright sleds would appear beside their trees at home. Q13 what does it mean yet? She lingered, watching them bundle up and go out the door. Q14 what bundle up here mean? I sat down in a child-sized chair to catch my breath,hardly aware of what was happening, when she came to me withoutstretched hands, bearing a small white box, unwrapped and slightlysoiled, as though it had been held many times by unwashed, childish hands. She said nothing. "For me?" I asked with a weak smile. Q15 a weak smile is what smile? She said not a word, but nodded her head. I took the box and gingerly opened it.There inside, glistening green, a fried marble hung from a golden chain. Then I looked into that elderly eight-year-old face and saw the question in her dark brown eyes. In a flash I knew -- she had made it for her mother, a mother she would never see again, a mother who would never hold her or brush her hair or share a funny story, a mother whowould never again hear her childish joys or sorrows. A mother who hadtaken her own life just three weeks before. I held out thechain. She took it in both her hands, reached forward, and secured thesimple clasp at the back of my neck. She stepped back then as if to seethat all was well. I looked down at the shiny piece of glass and thetarnished golden chain, then back at the giver. I meant it when Iwhispered," Oh, Maria, it is so beautiful. She would have loved it."Neither of us could stop the tears. She stumbled into my arms and wewept together. And for that brief moment I became her mother, for shehad given me the greatest gift of all: herself. Q16 secured the simple clasp at the back of my neck, here the "at"can exchange to "to" "secure to " Q17 then back at the giver here is look back or give back Q18what does mean"I meant it "when I whispered?
May 21, 2011 5:38 AM
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Hi Celia, You have asked eighteen questions in one entry. Surely you understand this is unreasonable. I can only advise you to ask each question separately, or book a session with a proper teacher to examine the text thoroughly.
May 21, 2011
Please post this in Notebook as it is too long to correct here
May 21, 2011
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