jerry Tang
how about learn cantonese form TVB's drama?
May 21, 2011 6:58 PM
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糖心风暴 is good TVB drama. And you can learn more popular Cantonese .If some word you're not understand. You can ask me. I am Cantonese.
July 11, 2011
hahaha infact i have already had some basic knowleadge about TVB and Cantonese ~ but i don't know how can i improve to a new level , i mean sometimes i can speak Cantonese but i am so shy for say it ~ how can i do ?
June 19, 2011
why not? If you have a basic knowledge already, that would certainly helps alot. TV news and radio are also good ideas. I listent to BBC radio everyday while I wanted to brush up on my English! One of my students is advanced level, and I once suggested her to watch 囧探查過界 as 囧 gwing2 is a "trendy word". Here you are the trailer of episode 1:
June 16, 2011
thats not bad to you to learn the cantonese..the more you see it the more you can learn it..
May 29, 2011
i think u can watch some very classic TVB's show to learn cantonese,but the shows must easier understand which have seldom professional words.maybe movies and songs are more useful to learn it
May 24, 2011
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