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what are the main themes of Hay Bin Yaqzan story ?
May 23, 2011 7:49 AM
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The Arabic philosophical fable Hayy Ibn Yaqzan is a classic of medieval Islamic philosophy. Ibn Tufayl (d. 1185), the Andalusian philosopher, tells of a child raised by a doe on an equatorial island who grows up to discover the truth about the world and his own place in it, unaided—but also unimpeded—by society, language, or tradition. Hayy’s discoveries about God, nature, and man challenge the values of the culture in which the tale was written as well as those of every contemporary society. Also Malik Bennabi used this story or fabe in camparison with that one of Daniel Defoe ''Robinson Crusoé'' to raise and explain the difference between the East and West civilisations
May 23, 2011
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