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Hi!! I don't know very well how this site works... I don't seem to get any answers... nor I get to make new friends.. am I doing anything wrong?? Bye!!
2 de abr de 2008 11:21
Answers · 2
no you are not do not wory i also was comfused when i 1st started using italki. 1st of all WELCOME TO ITALKI! what ever language you want to learn you can talk to people all other the world that speak that language and if you ask them they might help you .. but normaly ither you will get friend requests or you have to request them .. but dont worry you will get used to it soon ok :) and anytime if you want to talk or chat feel free to contact me and good luck!!! ~nicamamii~
2 de Abril de 2008
I am your friend. Just be patient. I got friends left right and centre. The only thing I can think of that you are not getting as many friends as you would like is because you are in the busiest time zone, whereby Asia, America and Europe all come in at the same time. Try may be sign on at a less busy time and see how it turns out.
2 de Abril de 2008
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