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A Music Related Question - is this illegal? is it illegal to play a preview of a song on my website that cannot be downloaded, but for the purpose of giving the visitor a chance to hear the song, and then buy it. Is it ok if I have a 30/40 second preview of a song, and provide links to a website where the album can be bought? Would it be ok to do this? Also, is it ok to have a preview of a Music Video playing on my website, as long as it is not downloadable?
Apr 4, 2008 4:13 AM
Answers · 2
You should also consider the laws of your country, and possibly the country that this site is hosted from.
April 5, 2008
hi, i thinks you mean the official of this web site let you to put some songs on your page in this site ok? in this case noone of us (members) cant help you & its better contact to the official of the site &request them ,may be they allow you for that. BEST WISHES
April 4, 2008
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