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Hello, i would like to improve my english language, to reach a proper standard for studying an international
2008년 4월 5일 오후 5:49
Answers · 2
Hi there! I can help you with learning English if you like. Just message me or add me to your friends lists! Also, total immersion is the key to learning quickly. I find reading books in the language you want to learn is a good way to learn grammar easily. Good luck!!!
2008년 4월 6일
hi, of course you have to make an english Atmosphear for your selfe & use every second of your time to learn it ,listening All the time to it , repeat it loudly not just in your mind write many sentences in it - for Granner is useful - try thinking in english only when you wana to say some thing to every one or even if you wana thinking about your dreams & so on & chating with some ones specially with native - depend on your accent which you like. GOOD LUCK
2008년 4월 5일
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