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so many words in english,&each words have some meaning.for example "hand".how do we memorize that?
Apr 8, 2008 6:16 AM
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This may not be a concrete answer to your question, but the best way to memorize is maybe to watch a movie you know well, which is spoken in English and has English subtitles. As you already know what the movie is about, it's no problem if you miss some parts of it. The thing that's good about this way of learning is that you both hear (the pronunciation) and see the words and moreover you're able to visualize these words. The key thing is that you're not trying to understand every single word, but it's more important you'll focus on words like for example 'hand', 'room' or 'table' and even the use of (simple) verbs like 'to speak', 'to learn', 'to teach'. In other words: simple words which you can relate to a certain 'picture'. I'm not sure if this answer is too simple for you, but I think it's a good and intuitive way to learn. It would be even better if you would watch an English spoken program with a lot of repetitive words like for example sports, cooking or travelling programs. Hope this helps!
April 11, 2008
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