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When do I use 을,를,아,야,이and은? Please reply with various style in written and spoken forms.Thank grammar
Apr 9, 2008 5:12 AM
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a noun + (을/를) => a noun becomes an object ex) 사과를 먹는다. I eat an apple. 사과+를 => 사과 becomes an object. a name + (아/야) = calling someone with the name ex) 민철아, 철수야 a noun + (이/가 or 은/는) = a noun becomes a subject ex1) 사과가 맛있다. the apple is tasty 사과+가 => 사과 became a subject. ex2) 사람이 간다. a person is going. 사람+이 => 사람 became a subject. ------------------------------------------------------- This is explanation about usage 을/를, 아/야, 이/가, 은/는 The first one (을, 아, 이, 은) can be attached after noun with a final sound(종성) ex) 사람(ㅁ is the final sound) 사람을, 사람아, 사람이, 사람은 The second one (를, 야, 가, 는) can be attached after noun without a final sound(종성) ex) 사과 (no final sound) 사과를, 사과야, 사과가, 사과는
April 9, 2008
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