what is the difference between 汉语 and 中文 i have learned that "chinese" is 中文, but sometimes they use 汉语. Are they synonyms or do they have different meanings?
Oct 1, 2011 4:52 PM
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basically they are same. it doesnt matter which one you choose. but 中文 is like "chinese lauguage" while “汉语” is like Han language, Han is the largest ethinic national group in China, so we use it to represent china sometimes
October 1, 2011
they are synonyms. But Strictly speaking,“汉语" is the world you say or hear. And "中文" is the world you write and read besides saying and lhearing.
October 1, 2011
They are pretty similar 汉语 and 中文 both refer to the language so i'd say they are synonyms but if you were to use it like 你会说中文吗? I think 中文 is better sounding in that sense. Even thought it's not wrong to say 你会说汉语吗?.
October 1, 2011
汉语[Chinese] ,指汉族的语言。构成汉藏语族的一个分支,其口语形式差别很大,但有共同的以形象符号直接体现词意而与发音不相联系的书面体系。主要方言分北方话、吴语、湘语、赣语、客家话、闽北话、闽南话和粤语等。 中文,中国语言文字或中国语言文学的省称。特指汉语言文字或汉语言文学。
October 2, 2011
中文:a language that used by chinese people。 汉语:a language that used by Han nationality。 there are 56 nationalities in China, but Han is a majority, as a Chinese, when I talk to foreigners, I may say "I speak '中文'", but among the compatriots ,I say " I like the '汉语语法书'(chinese grammar book)"
October 2, 2011
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