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what is more important.....happiness or freedom??
11 kwi 2008 15:59
Answers · 3
Every human being may have their own deffinition of " happiness "and "freedom " . And to someone freedom means happiness or happiness means different sort of freedom . So I think sometimes happiness may exist with freedom together , and when they are seperated you will neither feel happiness or freedom . And when the question comes to me , i may give up happiness when i want to spend the whole week to study English . but definitely i will also feel happiness inerside,and i will also feel more freedom with this language. There is a great ancient philosopher 庄子 , He thought the question all his life ,and he thought his freedom is his happiness. :)
13 kwietnia 2008
I think the time you get freedom, meanwhile you get happiness. No freedom, no happiness. But happiness may not only caused by freedom.
19 kwietnia 2008
i think both are important...if you can balance them that's the most beautiful thing~without freedom you will boring with the person who trouble you and not happy;without happiness you will be pressed by bad mood and not you had better to belance them~~
12 kwietnia 2008
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