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two men Polls show Dmitry Medvedev will be elected as Russia's next president. Medvedev was leading with 66.50 percent after ballots from 30 percent of polling stations had been counted. Medvedev, a former lawyer who has worked at Putin's side since the 1990s, will take over in May ... but it is still unclear which of the two men will really be in charge. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Putin and Medvedev ?or Medvedev and his election oppoent Some say the election was unfair, and western monitors say the election offered people little real choice.
Apr 11, 2008 5:14 PM
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...which of the two men... = Putin OR Medvedev The question is: Will Medvedev be in charge? Or will it be Medvedev? It means: Will Medvedev (the winner of the election) be in charge? Or will it be Medvedev? Winning the election and acting as president, but doing everything Putin wants him to do? By that way Putin would be able to resign after the last term of office he's allowed. The 'real' power is what the 'really' in your sentence points out.
April 11, 2008
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