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how do you master this french tense"indicatif plus-que-partait"???? i know you gonna tell me the rules about using this tense,i've read so many times,and i know some like this "il a mange les cookies que j'avait fait ." but i have no idea which in this sentence,a:Tu n'es pas celui que tu prétendais être. b:Alejandro avait vu juste sur toi depuis le début. why not just use indicatif imparfait or passe compose(i always get confused on these two tenses).any difference??? pls if you know,help me out, tell me how exactly use this tense thanks advance~~!
Apr 12, 2008 2:06 AM
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hi! i'll try to explain it to you.. if i get you right you want to know when and how to use the plusque parfait: if you have a phrase like: il a mange les cookies que j'avait fait = then "j'avait fait" is the plusqueparfait. you use it to explain that something was done before an another action in the past. so if you say: il a mange les cookies = then the person ate them in the past.. and "que j'avait fait" = you now use the plusqueparfait to say that you did the cookies at some time in the past BEFORE he ate the cookies.. so you can even say that: he ate the cookies at 12 o' clock = passé composé which I baked at 8 o' clock in the morning. = plusqueparfait another example: Jean raconte: Vers 6 heures du soir, j'AI enfin TROUVÉ un café. J'AVAIS très soif: (passé composé, imparfait) j'AVAIS MARCHÉ toute la journée. (plusqueparfait) you use the passe compose to express that you did something at the moment in the past. the imparfait to express background information to the reader and the plusqueparfait to tell the reason why you are thursty which lies way back in the past. in the two sentences above: Tu n'es pas celui que tu prétendais être. b:Alejandro avait vu juste sur toi depuis le début. you can explain it as following: the person has pretended to be someone else for a long period of time in the past (= imparfait) BUT: Alejandro was the one who realized his/her true personality BEFORE he pretended to be someone else. (= plusqueparfait) you use plusqueparfait to express an action that lies further back than another action in the past... do you get me? i hope i could help u! greetings
April 12, 2008
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