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How can be able to learn English, why do I bump into the foreign friend actually not to be able to say?
Apr 12, 2008 1:18 PM
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"How can I be able to learn English? why is it I bump into forigners and actually not to be able to speak to them?" is that what you mean ?? well... it is simple .. you need to practice speaking english with people, you can not just read it and be able to pronounce it or have a conversation if you have no idea what it is supposed to sound like. also sometimes you panic and it is hard to think when you are not used to talking that language... you know?? but just keep practicing ok :) you will pick it up if you dont give up:) ok ! good luck .. and if you ever want to talk or practice.. by writing or speaking just messenge me or chat .. ok .. or if you have skype or msn .. :) ok ! good luck! ~nicamamii~
April 14, 2008
hmmm, what are you trying to ask? when you "bump into" someone that speaks english say "hi nice to meet you." and smile. we like great teeth lol. just be yourself, and talk and if you mess up with anything im sure the person will help you!
April 12, 2008
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