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What is the difference between 少し (sukoshi) and 少ない (sukunai)? When it is possible to use one instead of another? What are situations when I cannot exchange those two words? Could you give me some vivid examples :-)
Apr 13, 2008 8:51 AM
Answers · 3
as above said, they aren't interchangable. 少し(a little, a few) is an adverb , which modify verb, describe degree; and 少ない(little, few) is an adjective, which modify noun. as above example.
April 14, 2008
It is difficult to use 少し instead of 少ない. If it is changed by the scene a little, it is possible to use it. Case 1. 水が少ない (no words after 少ない) 水が少し instead of 水が少ない is a little odd though 水が少しだ is safe. Case 2. 少ない水 (some noun after 少ない) 少し水 instead of 少ない水 is odd though 少しの水 is safe. (Strictly,there is a very slight difference between 少ない水 and 少しの水. Unfortunately, I cannot explain it by English.) (maybe.. "少ない水"="water which is a little" , "少しの水"="a little amount of water")
April 16, 2008
They are nnot interchangable. "sukosi" = a little i.e I only speak a a little = sukoshi dake hanaseru or I only want a little = sukoshi dake de ii yo. 'sukunai' = there isn't much or many I don't have much money = okane sukunai yo or..there aren't many people = hito ga sukunai.
April 13, 2008
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